Dufflecoat " Montgomery"


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Product information "Dufflecoat " Montgomery""
The duffle coat, also called Montgomery after the British field marshal, has its origin in military dress, like many other garments that are fashionable today. Its splendid features protected and warmed the soldiers from the vagaries of harsh weather and united them.
Originally, the duffle coat was created for the British military seamen. Every detail of it has been adapted to the practical use in the harsh conditions of naval service. For example, the groβen buttons and attachment buttonholes were very comfortable to open or close without having to take off the warming gloves. A practical hood, which resembled a bucket in shape, could easily be put on over the cap.
The pockets contained almost everything a sailor had: a map, a pipe, binoculars etc.
Our duffle coat is made of a thick pure new wool fabric. With toggle fasteners made of genuine buffalo horn and leather closure flaps.

Tailored in England

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