Baby Hairbrush
Baby hair brush for the gentle care of baby's scalp, natural beech wood with bristles of soft goat hair

Comb with handle (made from cellulose acetate)
Handle comb made of cellulose acetate, hand-sawn and polished

Exclusive mens hairbrush (cellulose acetate)
Exclusive men's hair brush made of cellulose acetate; with boar bristles

Exclusive travel hairbrush
Exclusive travel hairbrush made of cellulose acetate; trim: pure boar bristle;

Hairbrush dark ash
Pneumatic hairbrush made of ash wood with wooden pins; suitable for all hair types;

Hairbrush ergonomic shape
ergonomic hairbrush made of pearwood with wild boar bristle

Hairbrush made from Olivewood
narrow hairbrush made of olive wood with wild boar bristles; for perfectly groomed hair

Hairbrush olivewood
beautiful hairbrush made of olive wood; with wooden pins; ideal for long and thick hair

Hairbrush oval/ pear wood
beautiful hairbrush made of pear wood, trimmed with genuine boar bristles in the best quality

Hairbrush pear wood
Hairbrush made of pear wood; trimmed with genuine boar bristle , 5 - row; ideal size also for travel;

Hairbrush Pearwood
Hairbrush made of pear wood with solid boar bristle;

Kamm aus Zelluloseazetat
Comb made of cellulose acetate; sturdy durable comb;

Mens Hairbrush in pearwood
Classic men's hairbrush made of pear wood with genuine wild boar bristles, a must for the well-groomed gentleman

Mens Hairbrush Militarystyle
exclusive men's hairbrush in military style, made of wood with wild boar bristles ; for the well-groomed gentleman

Mini Hairbrush olivewood
ideal for travel or handbag ; made of beautiful olive wood with wooden pins

small pocket comb (cellulose acetat)
pocket comb made of cellulose acetate with case