Aleepo Soap with 12% Laurel fruit oil
ideal bei fettiger und empfindlicher Haut, für die Körper- & Haarpflege

Aleppo soap with 20% Laurel fruit oil
natural Alepposoap for sensitive and greasy skin, made in Syria

Aleppo soap with 40% Laurel fruit oil
natural soap especially for skin problems; extremely dry skin, neurodermatitis, psoriasis etc.

Aleppo soap with 55% Laurel fruit oil
the Aleppo soap with the highest laurel content; for extremely dry skin, neurodermatitis and psoriasis

Hair conditioner (organic argan oil)
high quality hair conditioner with organic argan oil

Organic Donkey milk soap 110g
Scent: lavender
very nourishing soap square shape; with donkey milk, shea butter, almond oil.

Shower gel (organic arganoil)
Scent: argan oil
nourishing shower gel with organic argan oil

Traditonal alepposoap
traditional Aleppo soap with a lower laurel content up to 5%, for sensitive and oily skin